MyTeknoware cloud service combined with the series 7 central battery unit takes emergency lighting to the next level

If you are responsible for the emergency lighting of properties, would you like to manage the lighting easily? So that you would have time for other tasks, as well? Make things smoother and take the emergency lighting of your property to the next level by combining our series 7 central battery system with the MyTeknoware cloud service.

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Teknoware Series 7 central battery unit and MyTeknoware cloudservice

Intelligent and flexible central battery unit

The series 7 central battery system is an efficient and adaptable emergency lighting solution for medium and large properties. The addressable 230 V system adapts to your needs flexibly, making it a long life, environmentally friendly option. The user-friendly units are equipped with a touchscreen, and they are easy to integrate into building automation systems and the MyTeknoware cloud service.

MyTeknoware cloud service for remote monitoring

MyTeknoware is a cloud service that enables the remote monitoring of emergency lighting and supports the centralised management of emergency lighting for countless properties on one portal. The cloud service is available for both the central battery and the self-contained systems. You only need an Internet connection and your smartphone or computer to use MyTeknoware.

A combination that saves time and money

Combine the series 7 central battery system with the MyTeknoware cloud service to reap the benefits of both solutions. You can monitor your emergency lighting systems anywhere and anytime. Technology aids in the maintenance and management of the system in many ways: the cloud service shows, for example, the status and type of the devices and their location within the property. You will know the required spare parts in advance and can avoid unnecessary inspection visits. Series 7 central battery units and the MyTeknoware cloud service are also sold separately.

Would you like to hear more?

Teknoware’s intelligent and future-proof emergency lighting systems save both time and money. If you want to learn more, Teknoware’s emergency lighting sales is happy to help and provide more information. Please contact to hear more details of our offering.

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