Teknoware's R&D operations are based on reliable solutions and lifecycle cost calculations, in compliance with applicable standards. From the initial design stage, our products comply with all of the latest EU directives and norms, and international requirements for industry. Many of our designs have already been patented worldwide. We also have special product approvals from several customers.

Our product development and engineering use 3D design, based on the latest design and simulation tools and technologies. Continuing development, fresh innovation and the correct material specifications characterise our R&D activities.

Thanks to our advanced production tracking system, combined with highly automated production processes, we can guarantee timely but flexible deliveries. All of the main stages of our production are carried out in-house, with all products undergoing computerised testing at various stages of production. Some products are also subjected to accelerated aging.

High quality products are the result of our professional production experience and our innovative and efficient R&D.