MyTeknoware cloud service

MyTeknoware is a monitoring and reporting system for emergency lighting systems showing the status of all of them in all of your properties at one time. This portal is provided as a cloud service, allowing you to sign in anywhere at any time without a separate software suite. MyTeknoware monitors the emergency lighting systems on your behalf and sends notifications to your email at the intervals of your choice.

You no longer need a separate terminal for remote monitoring or on-site visits for manual system checks. You only need an Internet connection and your mobile device or computer to use MyTeknoware. The simple user interface shows you the status of all your emergency lighting systems in the home view, as well as any fault reports in real time, regardless of the scope of the system. Beyond the MyTeknoware licence, no initial investments are needed prior to taking the service into use. Just connect it to a compatible Teknoware emergency lighting system.

Why MyTeknoware?

All the data is available, quick and easy

An overview of your emergency lighting system in the portal. If you want to, you can also subscribe to receive summaries and alarms directly to your email. You can monitor the emergency lighting systems in your properties using any terminal device regardless of the time and location.

Saves time and money in

maintenance operations

The service shows the status of your emergency lighting systems and the location and the type of luminaires in the property. This allows you to take the necessary spare parts with you and eliminates the need for unnecessary inspection rounds.

A safe way to meet the

requirements of the authorities

A cloud service is a safe and easy way to collect and save the maintenance and test logs required by the authorities. MyTeknoware is based on the Amazon

AWS system, which guarantees information security and the required updates.

A comprehensive solution without software and additional costs

The browser-based solution guarantees that you can enter the portal at any time, anywhere

Separate software suites are no longer needed. You just need a terminal device, MyTeknoware licence, your user credentials and an Internet connection.

Controlling of self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lighting systems via a single portal

You can use the same user interface to control different types of systems. An unlimited number of emergency lighting systems and properties can be connected to the cloud service.

An unlimited number of users at different levels

An unlimited number of users with different levels of privileges can easily be added to the

service. It ensures that each user can only see the information required and cannot modify

settings without the required rights.

A future-proof system

We are continuously updating the cloud service and ensuring its safety. You can be sure that your data is safe in the future as well.

Other features in MyTeknoware

  • Controlling different kinds of emergency lighting systems via a single portal.
  • The type, status, condition and location of a luminaire available at

    all times.
  • Notifications of deviations and tests performed.
  • An automatic test history log.
  • Sorting luminaires into groups, for instance, by floor or other area, or

    by building or site.
  • Controlling test schedules for self-contained luminaires.
  • Management of maintenance operations through the maintenance

  • Management of customer and user information.
  • The possibility to print the required documents and maintenance log.
  • Summaries and alerts sent to your email.

Separate commissioning service available

You can acquire the commissioning of the MyTeknoware as a service so that you only need to mount the equipment.

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