Teknoware’s LED spotlights are suitable for use as main, night or reading lights. They can even be utilised as emergency lighting when needed. Like all our solutions, they are designed with maximum safety and comfort for passengers and staff in mind.

We are able to provide a vast array of different LED solutions, spotlights and lenses to best fit your requirements. Adjustable spots can be pointed in varying directions, and our spotlights come in different voltages and colour temperatures. 


Wide Range of Lenses and Optics — Choose from a vast array of LED solutions and lenses to best suit your application requirements.

Adjustable Spots — Spots can be pointed in different directions.

Range of Supply Voltages — The lights are manufactured to suit your needs.

Colour Temperatures — You have a variety of LED colour temperatures to choose from.


Main Lighting

Reading Lights


Night Lights

Emergency Lights