Emergency Lights

High end self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lights for all locations and environments from one of the leading emergency light manufacturers.

What are emergency lights?

Emergency lights are designed to provide sufficient lighting to a property during an emergency. Emergency lights operate outside the standard power grid, and are automatically lit immediately during a power failure. All emergency lights must meet the standards set to them for both reliability and performance.

Teknoware’s emergency light products

Teknoware provides a wide range of emergency light products for virtually any location requiring emergency lights. To properties where the appearance of emergency lights is important, such as hotels, airports, shopping malls, museums or renovation projects we can offer recessed LED emergency lights designed to fit the decor or to go unnoticed. We even have emergency lights designed to be installed into hand rails, or stair steps.

For harsh environments such as subway tunnels, we have emergency lights capable of withstanding challenging temperature changes, water and mechanical stress. For locations demanding high performance, there are emergency lights that can illuminate an area from heights up to 20 meters. For special locations we can even design custom emergency lights to fit the requirements of the location perfectly.

Light distribution tables and Eulumdat light distribution files for DIALux software are available for optimizing the usage of emergency lights. Most of our emergency light models are available with lenses designed for distributing the light to a particular shape, such as a corridor or a wide area. This is useful for both optimizing the amount of emergency lights in the system and reducing energy consumption, but also to avoid unnecessary reflections and contrast.

Self-contained or centrally supplied emergency lights?

Teknoware offers both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lights. Self-contained emergency lights are lights that contain their own backup power source, such as a battery or a super-capacitor. Self-contained emergency lights can be easily implemented to smaller properties, and by combining modern LED-technology to super-capacitors and a wireless monitoring system, large emergency light systems can be built with self-contained emergency lights also. This enables, for example, use of modern high end emergency lights in a renovation project without the need for additional cabling.

Centrally supplied emergency lights require a central battery unit. Centrally supplied emergency light systems can vary from relatively small systems containing only a simple centrally operating battery unit to addressable central battery systems with automatic testing and remote monitoring for both the central battery unit and the emergency lights connected to it.


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