Switch Controllers for Central Battery Systems

IP 20

Switch Controller controls the emergency lights with a light switch or a timer, under normal circumstances.

  • Switch Controller installed to a circuit cable. Switch Controller units can be used to control emergency lights with a light switch or with a timer.

With the Switch Controller TST28xx the emergency lights in the central battery system can be operated by using a light switch, or controlled by a timer, in normal circumstances. When the system switches to DC mode, Switch Controller switches the supply to take place from the central battery system. In this case the luminaires are automatically switched on, regardless of the position of the light switch.

Switch Controllers are compatible with all Teknoware's 230 VAC/DC output central battery systems. They can also be used together with Local Controller.

The devices also have a dimming control output (except TST8501), which can be used to automatically dim the luminaires during DC operation.

The output is compatible with electronic ballasts that are equipped with 1-10 V analog control input, according to IEC 60929.


Product CodeProduct NamePower Consumption (VA)Mounting
TST2800Switch Controller TST2800250inside a distribution panel
TST2801Switch Controller TST2801250surface
TST2802Switch Controller TST28021400inside a distribution panel
TST2803Switch Controller TST28031400surface
TST2803BSwitch Controller TST2803B1400surface
TST8501Switch Controller TST85011000inside a distribution panel

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