Special Applications

We offer a wide range of special applications for bus, coach and special vehicle purposes to meet a whole array of needs. A good example of this is Teknoware Extreme, an extremely durable light unit suitable for engine and luggage compartments and other extreme conditions.

solution examples  

Lights for demanding conditionsRobust and durable lights for engine and luggage compartments, doorsteps and gangway areas. Teknoware Extreme is a sturdy light unit for use in extreme conditions.
Step and guiding lightsEnsure safe entry into the vehicle, as well as safe passenger movement within the vehicle during the journey.
Refrigerated transport lightingLighting solutions for cold storage transportation.
Ambulance and emergency vehicle lightingLighting solutions for ambulances and emergency vehicles.
Military vehicle lightingA range of different solutions for harsh and demanding environments.
Night lightingCreate a cosy atmosphere and add safety. Night lights can be red, green, blue, amber or dimmed white.
Service unitsPersonal lighting with air conditioning adjustment for each passenger. The Teknoware Delight combines a reading light and air nozzle in the same control unit.
Stop signsAvailable in different shapes, with a selection of labels and pictograms, as well as with a variety of different buzzers.
Wireless bell push systemsA wireless bell push system set up with multiple channels: All bell pushes illuminate the stop sign. Each channel turns on a separate signal light on the dashboard.



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