The ceiling of a modern bus, coach or special vehicle is a multifunctional solution with all the features required for a safe and comfortable travel experience, from lighting to air conditioning, integrated in one place. We take complete responsibility for every aspect of your interior solutions, and we design them according to your needs. 

Our ceilings are incredibly durable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. The lighting can be direct or indirect. For example, we can create a fully illuminated central ceiling from LED light panels to meet your most demanding requirements. The surfaces of the ceilings can be made of high-pressure laminates (HPL). The core can be made entirely of high-pressure laminates or a lighter foam structure. We design our panels to withstand everything from hard shocks to heat and vibration to meet demanding requirements. The panel surfaces have excellent cleaning properties, and we offer a wide range of colours, patterns and surface textures, so the ceiling can be customized to match the interior of your vehicle.


Sustainable - Lightweight ceiling panels make the vehicle lighter: fuel costs can be reduced and it can carry more passenger weight.

Durable - Hard-wearing panels are designed to withstand everything from hard shocks to heat and vibration.

Stylish - The form, pattern and colour can be customized to match the interior of your vehicle.

Excellent cleaning properties - The panel surfaces are easy to clean: even ink marks, graffiti and discolouration can be removed.

Multi-layered bonded construction - High-pressure laminates (HPL) consist of multiple layers. The surface gives high resistance to wear, impact, heat and staining. The core layers give strength and flexibility.

solution examples

Illuminated Central Ceiling
Air Conditioning Ducting & Lighting Systems
Formed Coving & Lighting Systems
Direct and Indirect Ceiling Lighting

Whether your need is large or small, we can deliver solutions quickly from the production site closest to you. When you choose us, you will get everything you need from one partner – everything from design to manufacturing and delivery with just one agreement.


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